Gordon Prill has been active in the Aerospace industry for the past 30 years, designing and building specialized facilities for the assembly and testing of commercial satellites. These facilities include thermal chambers, thermal vacuum chambers and clean rooms. We also specialize in the design, fabrication and instrumentation of equipment for thermal chambers, thermal vacuum chambers, clean rooms, cryogenic systems, support systems for acoustic cells and anaerobic chambers.

Commercial satellites provide a broad range of state-of-the-art communication services including television and radio distribution, digital audio radio, broadband Internet, and mobile communications. These facilities are critical to the success of putting the world’s most complex commercial satellites into orbit or spacecraft systems to explore other planets in order to broaden our understanding of space.

Our long involvement in the aerospace industry rests on our commitment and ability to provide advanced solutions to meet mission objectives, whether designing and building a satellite clean room or installing a 30 foot diameter test chamber. Our ability to adhere to strict performance protocols is another reason our clients know they can depend on Gordon Prill.


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We have experience in a broad range of environments. Our in-house licensed architects will work with your business and property needs to design the best functioning facility. We rely heavily on our AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) teams to collaborate and identify facility capabilities during our feasibility and programming studies.

The department leads in our engineering disciplines (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) will assign a team to each project based on the requirements set forth in the design, feasibility and pre construction phase.

Our experienced Construction team, coupled with our open office environment, allows for a faster and more efficient project from start to finish.

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