COVID-19 Notice

We are committed to keeping you and our staff safe with masks, social distancing, and compliance with all local and CDC guidelines. All construction staff will be required to wear face masks and maintain social distancing.

Safety First

Deep Commitment to Safety

Safety is the cause and result of a well run construction site. We have an impeccable safety record and are always committed to maintaining an injury free and illness free workplace. Good safety means lower costs and faster projects. Most importantly it means taking care of our people.

Working Together for Safety

We work closely with you to identify and eliminate conditions and practices that impact the establishment of a safe and healthful work environment. 

We work with your job site safety and security mandates:

Gordon Prill, Inc's Historical Experience Modification Factor











Gordon Prill, Inc. has had no construction related fatalities during these policy periods. Gordon Prill, Inc. has not had any construction fatalities in its entire history.

Safety in Action

We have an in-house safety director who visits our job sites on a weekly basis to ensure we are staying on top of our mutual safety goals. We have taken extensive set of measures so our entire team makes safety their responsibility:

Full Compliance

We gladly and strongly conform to all regulatory safety measures while keeping costs low and productivity high.

Government Mandate Compliance

Our team is dedicated to complying with all laws and regulations governing workplace safety and providing a healthful workplace.

We comply with:

  • National guidelines and requirements
  • State guidelines and requirements
  • Local guidelines and requirements

COVID Safety Mandates

We have developed our own safety mandates that meet and exceed local and CDC requirements:

  • Sites have a COVID supervisor
  • Daily screening protocol
  • Social distancing protocol
  • PPE
  • Daily attendance logs
  • Staggered trades
  • Hand washing facilities
  • Job site cleaning and sanitizing protocols

OSHA Mandate Compliance

We have responded to OSHA mandates regarding Covid-19 and PPE standards:

29 CFR 1910.1030
29 CFR 1910.1200
29 CFR 1910 Part 1
29 CFR 1910 subpart E

Let's talk about your next project

Work with our integrated and interdisciplinary team to take on your next big idea.

"Gordon Prill did a great job on my lab. The on-site project manager was terrific. Job well done.”

Professor of Applied Physics and Physics, Stanford University

Dr. Kathryn Moler

"The Gordon Prill team was professional, focused and got the job done with excellent attention to the final product. Clear drawings, accurate presentations of what was being done for my lab and no surprises."

Professor of Biology, Stanford University

Dr. Russell Fernald

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your thoroughness and the attention to detail you have been applying to the Smart Power/Robotics project. I am confident your efforts will provide a finished product the faculty will be very pleased with, as well as make the construction process run smoother.”

Owner’s Representative, University of California, Santa Cruz

David J. Tanza

“I would like to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU and great job to the entire Gordon Prill, Inc. team. In the past few months, your team has gone above and beyond to immerse yourself in the design of the project and the Google ecosystem. This reflects in the progress we made from where we started and we very much look forward to the team knocking down design challenges, meeting all milestones, and getting this project to the final stage.”

Project Manager, CBRE

Claire Dinh

“I just wanted to extend my heartfelt appreciation to all of you for delivering a high-quality product in such a short time under these challenging circumstances. Your proactive collaboration and commitment have not gone unnoticed; you've set a high bar for other campus managers and design consultants to follow.”

Campus Architect, University of California, Santa Cruz

Felix Ang

“One of the benefits of using Gordon Prill has been that they have all design disciplines under one roof which has been a great time saver due to their ability to expedite discipline coordination in-house."

Project Manager, University of California, Santa Cruz

Kevin Foisie

"Gordon Prill did a great job in realizing the original philosophy of building an open environment to assist the synergistic interactions of students and researchers using difference and complementary instruments."

Director, Stanford Nanocharacterization Lab

Dr. Robert Sinclair