Building 3 – Manufacturing Expansion – Ph. 1 & 2

Space Systems / Loral

Building 3 – Manufacturing Expansion – Ph. 1 & 2

  • Increased manufacturing capacity by converting existing machine and model shops into offices, conference rooms, R&D labs, assembly and test areas.
  • Extensive utilities distribution including power, liquid nitrogen, compressed air, process cooling water, process vacuum and gaseous nitrogen.
  • HVAC systems were extensively upgraded with new AC units and ductwork.
  • An assembly area of 9000 sq. ft. was designed to clean room standards with laminar air flow patterns and HEPA filtration.
  • A 30 ft. tall high bay was provided for assembly of tall satellites.
  • The machine and model shops were relocated to a separate building and outfitted with power and distribution to support the machinery.
  • Project Cost:  $14.75 million




Palo Alto, CA


51,000 sq. ft.


Architectural Design, MEP Engineering, Construction