Edward J. Daly Science Center Renovation

Santa Clara University

Edward J. Daly Science Center Renovation

  • Renovate biochemistry, general chemistry, and physical chemistry labs & offices
  • Over new 40 fume hoods
  • New state-of-the-art ventilation, compressed air and D.I. water systems
  • New chemical storage facility
  • Site and building accessibility upgrades
  • All lab benches are wired for computer networking
  • New 400 MHz nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer; x-ray diffractometer, three Fourier transform infrared spectrometers; computer-interfaced, ultraviolet-visible spectrometers, a refrigerated centrifuge ,a liquid scintillation counter, gas and liquid chromatography, electrochemical and thermoanalysis equipment


Science & Technology




Santa Clara, CA


Architectural Design, MEP Engineering, Construction