Campus Electrical Systems Upgrade

Varian Medical Systems

Campus Electrical Systems Upgrade

  • Provided three phases of electrical engineering design services to upgrade the Varian campus and Building 3 electrical systems
  • Phase 1 of services includes a feasibility study to determine how to remove the existing 4,160V distribution system and substations from within the interior of Building 3 and re-feed the building with a 1.5MVA, 12,470-480/227V double-ended substation and to convert the campus for the existing 4,160V distribution system to a Palo Alto Public Utilities owned 12,470V system
  • In Phase 2 we provided a design drawing package for the installation of a new 12,460V service entrance switchgear lineup, completion of equipment/construction specifications, coordination with the Palo Alto Public Utilities
  • In Phase 3 we included a design drawing package for the removal and reconfiguration of the existing 4,160-480/277V substations and the 480/277V distribution system within Building 3


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