B/905 Cryoplant

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

B/905 Cryoplant

This $27.8 million project involves constructing a steel-framed, 21,035 sq. ft. metal and concrete building with associated Infrastructure, as part of the larger LCLS-II Program. B/905 will house two liquid helium producing plants located near the west end of the LINAC near Sector 4. The main level consists of the Cold Box Room and two Compressor Rooms. The Cold Box Room, housing large cryogenic tanks, will have a Utility Room, IT Room and an upper mezzanine containing the Service Monitoring Room.

The project also includes the surrounding service yard to provide space for equipment pads, a new cooling water plant, electrical substation, a 9,500 sq. ft. tank yard for helium and nitrogen gas storage, parking and outdoor equipment. Civil infrastructure requirements include the reconfiguration of the north access road, excavation, earth retaining system, leveling and grading for the B/905 pad and exterior equipment, site improvements, bio-retention ponds and landscape restoration. Additional civil work includes new domestic water and sanitary sewer lines.


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21,035 sq. ft.