Our Culture Isn't "Corporate"

As a company, Gordon Prill may have some pretty lofty goals but that doesn't mean we are stuffy. You may hear someone break out in Ole Sole Mio or an old Beach Boys song. We routinely have an employee barbecues in our parking lot, bringing everyone together and occasional weekend trips. We actually take pleasure in each other's company and that is evident in how we treat each other. For many years we've had an informal get-together once a week after work at our favorite "watering hole" to enjoy the camaraderie and to sample great ethnic food.

Key Values and Goals

At Gordon Prill, we are passionate about the key values and goals that are the foundation on which we perform work and interact with each other, our clients and our subcontractors. We strive to:

  • Build open and honest relationships that foster trust and faith
  • Drive change, don't be driven by change
  • Be innovative and creative in our solutions
  • Go above and beyond what's expected
  • Embrace our diversity and each person's individuality
  • Let our passion fuel determination
  • Create a friendly, collaborative environment
  • Encourage the contribution of new ideas and expression of points of view
  • Challenge ourselves to never stop learning
  • Work towards a sustainable world by designing and building efficient, high performance buildings
  • Work hard but not forget to play
  • Recognize the contributions of our employees