Semiconductor manufacturing fueled the economic growth of Silicon Valley for many years and Gordon Prill contributed to the industry by designing and constructing the facilities that fabricated the chips. For the past 20 years, Gordon Prill provided innovative solutions to semiconductor companies to help them swiftly achieve a better flow of production meet critical schedules. Our expertise includes cleanroom fabs, process piping, chemical storage and disposal, exhaust systems, toxic gases, process vacuum, scrubbers, acid waste and neutralization.

While much of the manufacturing has left the valley, the industry continues to make a dramatic contribution to our economy through continued innovation in designing smaller and faster chips that are at the heart of nearly all other industries - electronics, communications, transportation — the list is endless — and this innovation drives change in the facilities in which people work.

Our expertise has extended to nanotechnology where research and development in labs such as those at Stanford University is pushing chip innovation to yet another horizon, beyond what most people can even dream about. The future is indeed exciting and we are proud to be a part of it.