Roche Biosciences
Environmental Health and Safety Support Building,
Palo Alto CA

Gordon Prill services: Architectural Design, MEP Engineering and Construction

  • A new 15,000 sq. ft., LEED Gold NC Certified (v2.1) building
  • Innovative design solutions included:
  • Warping the building floor in two planes to eliminate exterior site changes
  • Cool roof, landscape shading, low U value assemblies and high light reflective value colors to eliminate the requirement for heating and cooling
  • 93% recycled content
  • No VOC paint selection
  • 90% waste diversion during construction
  • Balancing impact resistant materials with lightweight building systems to reduce structural requirements in a higher than normal seismic area
  • 60% certified wood usage


Roche Biosciences, Palo Alto, CA

Equinix, El Segundo, CA
LA4 Data Center Retrofit

Gordon Prill services: LEED Consultant

Gordon Prill was retained to assist Equinix obtain a LEED Certified rating for the LA4 Data Center Retrofit project. We exceeded the client’s expectations and the project was certified LEED Silver Commercial Interiors. The 2-story, tilt-up building was originally built in 2002 and retrofitted in 2009 to house an IBX data center with owner occupied and colo space, and offices located on both floors. The project challenge was to achieve a prudent balance of energy efficiencies within the infrastructure while maintaining a robust functionality of equipment in a world-class data center environment. This project also included a new generator building that was built separately.

  • Obtained LEED Silver CI v3.0
  • Total Project cost: $95 million
  • 251,428 square feet
  • Capacity – 3400 cabinets at 6 kVA per cabinet
  • Cooling Capacity – 3,000 tons, 4 kW per cabinet, 6.72 MW UPS supportable loads, Cooling Plant – 5 (2+1) 750-ton Water-cooled Centrifugal Chillers; 36 (30+6)
  • 82-ton Chilled Water Air Handling Units
  • Electrical Capacity – 4.0 kVA per cabinet UPS Configuration – 6.72 MW UPS
  • Standby Power: >7 – 2,500 kW diesel engine generator power (12,500 operating, 5,000 standby); >5 primary, 1 reserve and 1 swing redundant generator
  • 6 Power Transformers – (rated at 3,000 kVA each)

Equinix, El Segundo, CA

Confidential Client
Office Building Renovations

GP services: Architectural, MEP Engineering, Construction & LEED Consultant

Gordon Prill provided design-build services for a Phase I of a multiple phase renovation of a five-story, 585,000 sq. ft. office building. The $30 million project involved:

  • Office design and construction of the fifth floor.
  • A new central plant 3,000 ton water cooled water chiller, boiler plant and substation.
  • Complete replacement of the air handler units which totaled over $11 million of the cost of the project. We furnished and installed 16 new 40,000 cfm air handling units on the upper four floors for increased energy efficiency and savings. Replacing the units was a complex process that involved removal and reinstallation of existing building exterior skin to facilitate the air handler installation, structural improvements to support the new units, new electrical bus-duct installation to power HVAC and connection to existing air distribution system.
  • We registered the project for LEED Gold CI v2.2 - Sustainable Site credits were completed via Lockheed Martin’s ongoing commitment and support of sustainable programs.
  • Water Efficiency credits were identified via the new restroom design solutions and using low or no flow equipment.
  • Energy and Atmosphere credits account for the majority of the new work with the high efficiency HVAC systems, control interface, and lighting system/controls selected for the building. Originally completed in 1983 as an innovative building with passive solar daylighting, we also optimized the concept by providing an automatic daylighting control system at the top of the large central atrium (or " literium ") for employee comfort, additional functionality and energy savings resulting from lower cooling requirements.
  • Material and Resources were obtained utilizing green material selections and handling/minimizing of waste in the construction process.
  • Indoor Environmental Quality was obtained by the efficient HVAC system design, material selections, and construction methods.
  • Four Innovative credits were submitted for the project which included design innovation for water efficiency, green building cleaning, green education, and Lockheed Martin’s “yellow bike” program.

Confidential Client, Sunnyvale, CA