Sustainability Matters

Gordon Prill provides sustainable design and construction services. Not only are green buildings better for the environment by reducing their carbon footprint, green buildings enhance occupant health by providing a cleaner and more comfortable work environment, and that is important to us as designers and builders. We partner with facilities managers, building owners and tenants to assist them with their goals of better resource and energy efficiency as well as identifying the cost savings that can be realized.

We focus on analysis and design for:

  • Lighting systems / daylighting
  • HVAC systems
  • Building envelope
  • Water efficiency and conservation
  • Cool roofing materials
  • Energy modeling
  • Renewable energy systems
  • Alternative energy sources
  • Industrial process systems
  • Energy management & control systems
  • Energy Star
  • Rebate and Incentive compliance
  • LEED Certification

We have experienced LEED accredited professionals who are able to assist clients navigate through the paperwork and obtain maximum LEED credits certify their building. Whether a client chooses to certify their building or not, we can be a trusted advisor in making any project more energy efficient, choosing green materials and products and employing green construction practices.

In 2011, CalGreen became the nation's first mandatory green building code. Our clients depend on our staff's knowledge of current federal and state codes as well as local city and county building, health and fire marshal requirements.