Data centers are highly complex facilities that every business is dependent upon, whether they own and operate their own data center(s) or their data resides in a large colo center operated by others. Gordon Prill has designed and constructed new data centers and upgrades and expansion for scores more. We learned many years ago that an important factor in new design is building in flexibility so the facility is upgradable and expandable. It is very challenging to upgrade an existing facility when the space confines the equipment.

Technology continues to change the world of data centers quickly - what companies thought was a dense facility five years ago seems like ancient history. Companies desire to be as energy efficient as possible to save on utility bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

We guide all of the stakeholders - Facilities, IT, Operations and Management - through a seamless decision making process. It is important that they have the information needed to understand whether to allocate a larger capital investment up front for maximum cost savings or a more conservative expenditure which may mean more is spent on operations and maintenance over the lifecycle of a project. Each company has different considerations that will affect their decision. We also have the experience to advise our clients on whether they qualify for utility rebates that can substantially offset the construction costs.